The 80:20 Rule


I’m drawn to many different interior design styles, and I really enjoy combining styles to create customised and personalised interiors. To ensure a cohesive look and feel I use the 80:20 rule.

What Is The 80:20 Rule?

The 80:20 rule is achieved by selecting a dominant style that represents 80% of the design choices. The remaining 20% comes from the secondary styles. The Sheringham Show Home is a shining example.

The primary theme is classic, and the secondary theme is contemporary. To create a coherent design, classic wooden and brass tones were used, and translated into contemporary accents around the home. For example, the burnt orange armchair. Pops of brass were then added to the contemporary furniture pieces to create cohesion.

You can take this same approach when completing your own designs or ask for the 80:20 rule when working with my team. Contact us for more details