Designing A Small Bathroom


Do you have a small bathroom that you are ready to renovate? There are a few small changes you can make while remodelling that will make your bathroom feel larger and more open! 

Large Wall Tiles

Smaller rooms feel bigger and more spacious when you upgrade from small tiles to large tiles. Why? Having fewer grout lines provides a streamlined finish that creates the illusion of having more space.

Light Colours

Using light colours can aid in making a small bathroom feel larger. Darker colours can make you feel boxed in, but lighter colours reflect light which makes the space feel much larger.

Floor Standing Vanity

While wall mounted vanities are modern and on-trend, they take up a lot of space, making your small bathroom feel smaller. Choose a modern floor standing vanity instead to save space and maximise storage.

If you are ready to remodel your bathroom, get in touch. My team and I would be happy to create a design for you that balances style and function.