How To Get Started With Interior Design


Want to get into interior design and don’t know where to start? I believe in empowering others and am happy to share a few tips on what I did to launch TMX Designs!

Interior Design Course Or Degree

My passion for interior design was sparked while in university, but you don’t necessarily need a university degree to be successful. However, I suggest formal training to further develop your natural talent. Look for virtual or live interior design courses to teach the key factors involved in the design process. Many of these courses provide certification or you can take a few courses or obtain a full degree at university.

Interior Design Internships

Internships are the ideal way to develop essential industry experience. There is much more to running an interior design business than the design process. Working with a tenured expert develops the skills you need that aren’t taught in university or certification programs.

Networking Events

Although we live in an increasingly digital world, live networking events are a must. They provide you with vital opportunities to meet others in your local design industry. Building good rapport within your community is essential to your success. Also, seek out networking opportunities with aligned industry partners such as estate agents, home staging companies, real estate development companies, and more.

Whether you choose to work for an interior design firm or launch your own business, these tips will help you build a solid foundation. Your ongoing education is a must, so never stop investing in design and business training!