How to Style a Dining Room Table


Your dining room table is where you gather each day with your loved ones and with guests when they come to visit. Even if your guests won’t be dining with you it’s likely in their line of sight. Whether large or small, dining room tables are often underutilized in terms of interior design. The tabletop is the ideal space to place attention-grabbing décor. The tips below highlight a few fun and easy ways to style your dining room table between meals.

A Touch of Nature

Natural elements such as plants, flowers, and fruit complement every design aesthetic. In your dining room, it’s also an easy way to celebrate the season or an upcoming holiday.

For example, a glorious poinsettia in December, seasonal fruits, or flowers from your garden in the spring and summer. When it comes to plants, keep size and scale in mind, but feel free to go oversized. If not a live plant or bouquet, dried flowers, silk flowers, or high-end faux plants, fruits, and veggies. Faux options are stunning and low maintenance.

Select a planter, vase, or fruit bowl that matches the room’s design aesthetic—but feel free to mix textures. For example, an intricate woven planter on your contemporary glass top table. Don’t overthink the colours too much as part of nature’s beauty is the endless range of colours.

Functional Vignette

If the idea of moving a plant, vase, or fruit bowl each time you eat is unappealing, consider creating a functional vignette. This can be anything you want it to be, just be sure to include texture and colour. This could be a decorative tray with textured coasters, contrasting placemats and napkins. Other items that could be essential in your family include sugar for tea and decorative salt and pepper shakers.

As an added bonus, your vignette will save you time when setting your table each day.

The Perfect Pendant

The right pendant becomes the instant focal point of your dining room. While the pendant needs to support the design aesthetic, don’t shy away from an oversized design. This might be a single oversized pendant, tiered pendant, or multi-light pendant.

Keep size and scale in mind, ensuring the pendant is properly centred over your table. The longer your table is, the longer your light feature should be. For example, a 2-metre table might have a linear pendant that spans the length of the table. An interior designer can help you select the perfect focal pendant.

If you need help implementing any of the design ideas above, TMX Designs is here. From a pendant to a series of interchangeable vignettes or touches of nature—We’ll help you select the ideal design