Date: April 2022
Status: Completed
Service: Interior Design, Accessorising & Styling

This open and airy interior features a cohesive look in the living room and dining room that ties in with the existing wood elements in the home. They effortlessly blend together, creating a seamless harmony with the existing wood elements in the home.

From rich, dark tones to light and airy hues, every detail adds warmth, texture, and depth. Vertical panels harmonize with the tapes on the blinds, creating a seamless visual experience.

Bursting with pops of vibrant green, dazzling gold, and fiery orange, these hues perfectly complement the neutral browns and greys, igniting a symphony of colors.

Storage is built into the entertainment centre to keep clutter to a minimum. Bespoke artwork created by TMX Designs founder Tersoo is also featured. It expresses the client’s unique style, while supporting the colour story of the interior. This modern look increased the client’s storage whilst utilising the space more efficiently.