Date: February 2023
Status: Completed
Service: Service: interior design, accessorising and styling

Drawing inspiration from the breathtaking green surroundings of the property, we set out to conceptualize a living room that harmoniously blends with nature. Our vision was to infuse the space with the soothing hues of green

By seamlessly integrating shades of green throughout the space, we aimed to capture the essence of natural serenity. The calming properties of this color not only foster a sense of tranquility but also invite a feeling of rejuvenation and peace.

The juxtaposition of the vibrant green tones with the neutral greys and whites creates an aesthetically pleasing contrast within the living room. This contrast not only highlights the individual elements but also adds a dynamic and visually captivating aspect to the space. The interplay between colours creates a sense of depth and interest, making the living room more engaging and inviting.

Understanding the importance of a living room as a sanctuary for relaxation, our design choices were guided by the pursuit of creating a haven of tranquility. Every aspect, from the carefully selected furniture to the thoughtful incorporation of accessories, was meticulously chosen to complement the green color palette. The result is a space that exudes an atmosphere of peace and serenity.