Date: April 2023
Status: Completed
Service: Renovation, Interior Design, Accessorising & Styling

TMX Designs was tasked with redesigning a family kitchen in a Tudor-style home into an open, airy, and lively social hub. The client requested a space they could spend quality time with family and entertain guests other than the living room. We expanded the size from 10.5m2 to 24.5m2 by removing the partition wall that separated the living room and kitchen. Floor-to-ceiling bifold doors were added to create a seamless and inviting flow from the kitchen to the garden. This was achieved by installing load-bearing beams as advised by our engineer. The south-facing doors also allow for optimal natural light.

Our intention was to give the home a fresh, modern look whilst highlighting its traditional features. Square and rectangle panels are the epitome of Tudor, which was retained with the framed kitchen cabinetry design. Orange and brass accents also echo the warm tones of the Tudor style and add rich contrast.