Date: July 2023
Status: Completed
Service: Renovation, Interior Design, Accessorising & Styling

Introducing our stunning bedroom project featuring a harmonious blend of blue and grey tones complemented by black and gold accents. The warm golden hues are tastefully incorporated through wooden furniture and accessories, lending a touch of elegance to the space.

Our main goal was to optimize storage solutions, allowing for a seamless and unobstructed flow within the room. With our innovative designs, we successfully integrated a functional study area that caters to the client’s remote working lifestyle while also serving as a convenient dressing table. The study area features wooden paneling, creating a distinct zone for focused work or studying. This paneling concept is extended to the remainder of the wall, tv stand doors, adding depth and texture to the overall aesthetic.

We incorporated layered lighting throughout the room. A combination of general, accent, task and ambient lighting has been used. This ensures that the bedroom can effortlessly adapt to different moods and settings.

For a cozy and intimate atmosphere, we matched the door and wall colour. The continuous colour creates a cocoon feel in the space and brings a sense of tranquility into the space.

Our first bespoke chair is featured in this project. It was designed by our owner Tersoo Agera. It showcases her unique fabric pattern that derives from her art piece destruction. If you are interested in using this fabric for furnishings, visit our contact page.