Date: March 2021
Status: Completed
Service: Interior Design, Accessorising & Styling

In order to fulfill the client’s vision for a boho-inspired, contemporary chic apartment, we meticulously crafted a design scheme that embodied both bold contrasts and inviting elements. A specific request from the client was to create a cozy atmosphere within the space. To achieve this, we incorporated an array of cushions, throws, and rugs, strategically layering the space to add warmth and softness. Given the client’s occupation as a social media influencer, it was essential for her to have a relaxing environment to unwind in after long days of work.

By using black as the base colour in the space, we achieved a heightened sense of depth and sophistication. The carefully placed bursts of green serve to soften the dominant black tones, infusing the area with a revitalizing and vibrant touch. This addition beautifully complements the opulent gold accents, resulting in a harmonious blend of luxurious elements.

To maintain a sense of familiarity and personal touch, we incorporated some of the client’s existing furniture and accessories into the new design theme. By starting with the client’s pampas plants, we were able to seamlessly integrate rattan and wooden elements, effortlessly enhancing the overall aesthetic.

In the bedroom, we took into consideration the existing grey bed as a foundational element. Its neutral color served as a versatile canvas, allowing us to seamlessly integrate the other tones present in the overall apartment, resulting in a unified and aesthetically pleasing design scheme.

During the design process, we also considered the client’s beloved dog, Mimi. We provided a new dog bed that perfectly aligned with the overall theme, ensuring both style and comfort for Mimi.

Additionally, we had the opportunity to redesign the client’s dressing room, which can be seen in her YouTube video. In the video, our client graciously gives viewers a walkthrough of her home, showcasing each space we designed. You can watch the video here.